Online Cooking Class #4: Tom Kha Gai (Chicken)

Sawasdee Krup / Kha (Hello in Thai) – Enough of the language lesson and on to the cooking, today we are continuing on from last month’s hot soup theme to keep you warm during these long winter evenings. This month’s  dish is Tom Kha (Coconut soup) a popular choice for customers. A creamy, mild-spiced coconut soup with a delightfully warm smell to it.




Tom Kha Ingredients:

- 5 Tbl spoons of coconut milk

- Pinch of coriander root

- 2 Slices of galangal

- 2 Sliced red chillies

- Lemongrass

- 1 Tbl spoon of fish sauce

- 1 Tbl spoon of lime juice

- 250g Of chicken

- Cherry Tomatoes

- Button mushrooms

And last of all as usual the photo to convince you that this dish is worth the effort!

3 thoughts on “Online Cooking Class #4: Tom Kha Gai (Chicken)

  1. I’ve seen similar recipes which require 1/2hr or more of simmering. Is it really better to do it quickly, as shown?

  2. Hi David, thank you for your comment. With Tom Kha Gai you should simmer for 10 minutes, there is no need for it to simmer for 1/2hr. Simmer for 10 minutes until chicken is cooked then leave for 5 minutes.

  3. I love this soup.Thank you very much for this video.Even I guess she forgot to use cherry tomatoes.I think to put them raw into the soup even better.
    Thank you

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