Finding strictly vegetarian food can be challenging in Thailand, where fish sauce is king of the kitchen. You won’t have that problem at Rosa’s. While we do cook from authentic recipes, we also look out for our veggie friends. Many dishes can even be made vegan. Just ask.

Starters / Soup / Salad

fresh summer rolls

Contains Nuts


Soft rice paper rolls of fragrant herbs and vegetables in peanut sauce, served with sweet chilli sauce.

tom yum


A spicy & sour soup with tomatoes, mushroom, topped with fresh herbs.

papaya salad

Contains Nuts

A spicy salad of four flavours made with raw papaya, long beans, tomatoes and cashew nuts. Substituted fish sauce with tamarind and soy sauce.

Main dishes

rosa’s butternut red curry


fuktong gaeng dang

Saiphin's signature red curry with butternut squash & sweet basil. Without shrimp paste.

rosa’s green curry


gaeng kiaw wan

One of Thailand's most loved curries. With aubergine, bamboo shoots and sweet basil. Without shrimp pastes. With vegetables and tofu.

chilli & basil stir fry


pad kra prow

A spicy & fragrant stir fry with onions & long beans. Substituted with vegetarian stir-fried sauce. With vegetables and tofu.

stir fried red curry paste & long beans


pad prig daeng

Smooth & creamy stir fried red curry with lime leaves & basil. Without shrimp paste. Substituted milk with coconut milk. With vegetables and tofu.


drunken noodles


guay tiew pad kee mao

Delightfully spicy flat noodles stir fried with holy basil sauce. With vegetables and tofu.

pad thai

Contains Nuts


The famous stir fried rice noodles in tamarind sauce, eggs & crushed peanuts. Can be made without eggs, please ask before ordering. With vegetables and tofu.

stir fried flat noodles


pad see ewe

A Thai favourite. Rice noodles with eggs, spring greens, & sweet soya sauce. Can be made without eggs, please ask before ordering. With vegetables and tofu.

tom yum rice noodles


guay tiew tom yum

Another famous spicy & sour soup, made the Rosa’s way with tomatoes & mushroom. Topped with fresh herbs. With vegetables and tofu.


mixed vegetables


pad pak

Stir fried tofu & mixed vegetables in vegetarian sauce.

stir fried broccoli


broccoli nam mun hoy

In vegetarian stir-fried sauce.

stir fried aubergine


pad makhuea

Rosa’s favourite. Deep-fried in potato flour, then stir fried with yellow bean, chilli, vegetarian sauce and sweet basil.


steamed jasmine rice


khao suay

steamed coconut rice


khao kati

egg fried rice


khao pad kai

steamed sticky rice


khao neaw

Contains coconut milk.

brown rice


khao nam tarn

Brown rice sprinkled with fried garlic.

plain noodles


Rice noodles with egg, sweet soya sauce, and beansprouts. Can be made without eggs, please ask before ordering.

Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available upon request.