“ On a day when the UK decided to leave the EU. What is your secret to be able to delivering a clear consistent vision of contemporary Thai food, amongst all the hustle and bustle of London, and the challenges of building a successful business, and partnership with your spouse, from the proverbial ground up and deliver fantastic tasting food in a relaxed setting. P.S. Yours and Alex’s story is amazing and something we definitely will take inspiration from! ”

Kieran from A Malaysian mother and Irish father

_MG_0116Oh wow! Thanks Kieran, that’s a very touching question. The answer to the first bit of your question is that we stay focused and humble. We started Rosa’s because we love Thai food and want to share that with our customers. Although Thai food is having such a big moment in London, we stick to what we do best which is to deliver the best dishes based on my family recipes. It’s so important to stay true to where we came from; a street stall in Brick Lane was where we started, and we still work as hard as we did back then. My husband, Alex, and I both know exactly how much work it took to scrub, clean, prep, and cook our customers; we’ve done it all! The fact that I’ve built the brand with my husband, Alex, has made us stronger together over the years. We’re glad to hear that we’ve inspired you and, hopefully, others as well!

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xx Saiphin



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