Best enjoyed as a Thai-style meal where dishes are ordered to share, our all-day menu also has plenty of options for those who’d rather have their own starters, mains and sides.

Food Allergies: Our dishes are prepared in areas where several allergens are present. All our dishes may contain traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens. If you have an allergy, please speak to the manager, or call the restaurant when placing your order online and make sure you inform our team Not all ingredients are listed.

prawn or pumpkin crackers

Contains Nuts

pumpkin crackers is vegan

Served with a choice of our delicious peanut or sweet chilli dipping sauces


Chicken satay

Contains Nuts

gai satay

Succulent, lemongrass-scented grilled chicken thigh skewers with peanut dipping sauce

Crispy prawns

goong tod

Coated in crispy breadcrumbs & deep-fried, served with Rosa’s sweet chilli sauce.

Fried spring rolls

por pia tod

Hand-rolled with crunchy vegetables & soft rice noodles, crisp-fried & served with our own sweet chilli sauce

honey-marinated Pork skewers

moo ping

Char-grilled pork, tenderised with honey, soy sauce & roasted coriander seeds. Served with Rosa’s homemade tamarind
dipping sauce

Sweetcorn cakes

Todmun Khaopod

Tender corn kernels fried in a light batter flavoured with kaffir lime leaves & red curry paste until crisp & golden, then served with Rosa’s sweet chilli sauce

Fresh summer rolls

Contains Nuts

por pia sod

Rice paper, tangy-sweet tamarind sauce, vermicelli rice noodles & fragrant herbs, served with homemade sweet chilli & crushed peanuts dipping sauce

tom yum soup

tom yum

Light & refreshing with a warming hit of chilli, Thailand’s best-loved soup balances the sharpness of lime with sweet tomatoes, mushrooms & aromatic herbs. It’s a real palate cleanser, great as a starter for one, or as a shared bowl to take spoonfuls from throughout the meal.



Asian mushrooms

Rosa's famous noodles

Pad Thai

Contains Nuts

Thailand's national dish is a sweet & sour stir-fry based on rice noodles with tamarind, palm sugar, eggs & crushed peanuts. If you'd like to go Thai & add roasted chilli flakes, just ask for the condiment tray.


Chicken / Beef

Vegetables & Tofu

drunken noodles

Pad khee mao

Fiery & fragrant with Thai basil, lesser galangal, fresh chillies, this spicy noodle dish is traditionally eaten at the end of a big night out. There’s no booze in the dish itself but it’s possibly the best hangover cure in the world



Veg & tofu

Stir-fried flat noodles

pad see ewe

Thai comfort food at its best: wide rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, spring greens, sweet soy sauce & your choice of:



Vegetables & Tofu


massaman curry

Contains Nuts

gaeng mussaman

Our mildest curry is fragrant with gentle Silk Road spices & comes with potatoes & cashew nuts as well as your choice of:

Slow-cooked beef



rosa’s green curry

gaeng kiaw wan

Thailand's best-loved curry is a bestseller here too. Aubergine, bamboo shoots & sweet basil, plus your choice of:

King Prawns

Slow-cooked beef


Vegetables & Tofu

Rosa's Red Curry

gaeng dang

Our signature red curry is laced with bamboo shoots & basil leaves

King prawns

Slow-cooked beef


Veg & tofu

Red curry with pineapple


gaeng supparod

A creamy red curry with pineapple pieces, red & green chillies, with lime leaf & coriander garnish

panang curry

gaeng panang

Thicker than our other curries, this creamy Thai favourite, based on red curry paste, comes with finely shredded lime leaves

King Prawns

Slow-cooked beef



wok stars

chilli & basil stir fry

pad kra prow

A spicy & fragrant favourite with Thai basil, onions & long beans, plus:


Chicken / Chicken Mince / Beef

Vegetables & Tofu

Stir-fried beef with black pepper sauce

Flash-fried beef with sweet onions, green beans & mixed chillies

rosa's fried rice

kao pad

Proper Thai-style (AKA the best!) fried rice made with fragrant jasmine rice, homemade stir-fry sauce, eggs, onion, spring greens & your choice of:


Chicken / Beef

Vegetables & Tofu

chicken & cashew stir-fry

Contains Nuts

gai pad metmamuang

A classic stir-fry with Rosa’s soy sauce, chicken, cashew nuts, spring onion, mushrooms & dried roasted chillies (ask to remove these if you’re not too keen on spicy food)

red curry paste stir fry

pad prig gaeng

A smooth & creamy stir-fry based on homemade red curry paste. Contains dairy.


Chicken / Beef

Vegetables & Tofu


stir fried aubergine

pad makhuea

A Rosa’s favourite. Deep-fried in eggs & potato flour, then stir-fried with yellow bean sauce, chilli, soy sauce & sweet basil

mixed veg stir-fry

pad pak ruam

A mix of crunchy vegetables, stir-fried in Rosa’s house sauce

butternut & cashew stir-fry

Contains Nuts

fukthong pad metmamuang

Our veggie version of the classic Thai chicken dish. Delicious as a main course with a side order of rice or as a vegetable dish for the table to share

add a side

steamed jasmine rice

khao suay

steamed coconut rice

khao kati

egg fried rice

khao pad kai

rosa's special sticky rice

khao niew

Chef Saiphin’s bespoke blend of white & wholegrain rice gets its trademark red colour & nutty flavour from the nutritious - & delicious! - whole grains

brown rice

khao glong

rice Noodles

Contains Nuts

stir-fried with eggs, sweet soya sauce & beansprouts

steamed mix veggies

Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available on request.