Exclusively available at Rosa’s Victoria. We want to introduce Londoners to the dishes from the North-Eastern region of Thailand, also known as ‘Isaan’. It’s all about fiery fresh salads designed to complement sticky rice.

Food Allergies: Our dishes are prepared in areas where several allergens are present. All our dishes may contain traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens. If you have an allergy, please call the restaurant and speak to the manager and make sure you inform us of your allergy and/or dietary requirement(s). Please note that most Isaan dishes use fish sauce for seasoning. Not all ingredients are listed.

papaya salad

Contains Nuts

Som tum

The world-renowned papaya salad. Made with raw shavings of papaya, topped with long beans, tomatoes, dried shrimp & peanuts. We can make it as spicy as you want!

Salted Eggs - Thai Style 'Khai Kem'


Fermented Fish - Laotian Style 'Pla Raa'


Larb pork salad

laab moo

A spicy minced pork salad served warm with a sprinkle of fresh herbs dressing and toasted rice for crunch

Grapefruit salad

Contains Nuts


yum som o

Sweet and spicy grapefruit salad with prawns, cashew nuts & fried tofu in a creamy roasted chilli dressing. Contains milk

spicy grilled pork


nam tok

Deliciously juicy char-grilled pork with a spicy & sour dressing full of fresh herbs, red onion & toasted rice for extra crunch

spicy glass noodles seafood salad


yum woon sen

Zingy salad of seafood, glass noodles & fresh herbs. This dish is found all over the region

spicy salmon salad


nam tok pla tod

Crispy salmon fillets topped with a healthy serving of red onion, coriander, dried chillies & toasted rice