Our vegetarian special menu is inspired by our Veggie pop-up earlier in 2018. Here’s the best of the bunch for you to try exclusively at Rosa’s Spitalfields, Soho and Tooting.

Food Allergies: Our dishes are prepared in areas where several allergens are present. All our dishes may contain traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens. If you have an allergy, please call the restaurant and speak to the manager and make sure you inform us of your allergy and/or dietary requirement(s). Not all ingredients are listed.

Sweet corn patties (vegan)


khao pod tord

Sweet corn & kaffir lime leaves in red curry paste batter, served with Rosa’s own sweet chilli sauce. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

grilled butternut salad (vegan)


yum fukthong

Inspired by a classic Thai grilled salad, this meat-free version is made with butternut wedges topped with light soya dressing, red onion, coriander & lightly toasted sesame seeds. Very Instagrammable, extremely tasty.

grapefruit salad

Contains Nuts


yum som o

Traditionally served exclusively within the confines of the Grand Palace of Bangkok. This lesser-known, yet delicious salad is made with a spicy roasted chilli paste
& evaporated milk dressing. It’s a creamy indulgence that definitely packs a punch.

massaman tofu (vegan)

Contains Nuts


mussaman taohu

Fragrant & relatively mild yellow curry with silk road spices, firm tofu, potatoes & cashew nuts. A real crowdpleaser.

panang tofu (vegan)


gaeng panang

Fried tofu laced with a thick red curry sauce, with a hint of lime leaves.