Our vegetarian pop-up menu will be available exclusively at Rosa's Soho between Monday 15th January - Sunday 15th April 2018!

Street Snacks

Sweet corn patties (v)


khao pod tord

Sweet corn & kaffir lime leaves in red curry paste batter, served with Rosa’s own sweet chilli sauce. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Tofu in Tamarind Sauce (v)


Taohu Tod

Lightly fried firm tofu, drizzled with a sweet & sour tamarind sauce, garnished with toasted sesame & coriander.

Fried spring rolls (v)


por pia tod

Crisp, deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with veggies & glass noodles, served with a sweet
chilli sauce.

Fresh summer rolls (v)

Contains Nuts


por pia sod

Refreshing soft rice paper rolls filled with fragrant herbs, rice noodles, veggies & roasted peanut sauce. Served with our homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Fresh Salads

Grilled aubergine salad


yum makhuer

A typical North-Eastern Thai salad, and one of our faves. Aubergine grilled until softened, served with a spicy soya sauce dressing, red onion, sesame seeds, lots of coriander & boiled egg.

Papaya salad (v)

Contains Nuts


som tam

The king of Thai salads. You can’t go around Thailand without running into street stalls selling this spicy salad. Shavings of raw papaya, pounded with long beans, tomatoes & cashews in a tangy tamarind dressing. Great with sticky rice.

grilled butternut salad (v)


yum fukthong

Inspired by a classic Thai grilled salad, this meat-free version is made with butternut wedges topped with light soya dressing, red onion, coriander & lightly toasted sesame seeds. Very Instagrammable, extremely tasty.

grapefruit salad

Contains Nuts


yum som o

Traditionally served exclusively within the confines of the Grand Palace of Bangkok. This lesser-known, yet delicious salad is made with a spicy roasted chilli paste
& evaporated milk dressing. It’s a creamy indulgence that definitely packs a punch.

long bean salad (v)

Contains Nuts


yum tua

Spicy salad of long beans with fried shallots, red onion, mint & sesame, garnished with roasted peanuts & chilli paste dressing.

mushrooms salad (v)


larb hed

A twist on the classic minced meat Larb salad. Light & spicy mixed mushrooms in fresh herb dressing with crushed toasted rice for added crunch.


tom kha soup (v)


tom kha hed

Refreshing & creamy herbal soup enriched with coconut milk, oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & fresh herbs. It’s the milder alternative to the punchy Tom Yum soup.

tom zaap soup (v)


tom zaap hed

Typical of the North-Eastern region of Thailand. This spicy & sour herbal soup is made with lemongrass & galangal, served with Asian mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & dried roasted chillies. A great way to warm up your belly.

tom yum soup (v)


tom yum taohu

The much-loved classic spicy soup with roasted chilli paste. Served with firm tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes & fresh herbs.


drunken noodles (v)


pad kee mao

0% ABV. The name refers to this being the perfect dish to eat after (or before) a big night out. Delightfully spicy rice noodles stir-fried with mixed veggies & Thai herbs.

Stir fried flat noodles


pad see ewe

A street food essential. Rice noodles with spring greens, mixed veggies & eggs. The Thais often customise this dish to their own taste with a few drops of soy sauce, a sprinkle of chilli power & a bit of vinegar or lime.

Pad Thai

Contains Nuts


pad thai pak

The famous stir-fried rice noodle with tamarind sauce, eggs & chives. Mix up with the crushed peanuts, then squeeze the lime wedge before eating. Add chilli powder from our condiment tray for an added kick.

Curries + wok stars

Butternut Red Curry (v)


gaeng fukthong

Rosa’s signature curry is full of tender butternut laced with bamboo shoots & sweet basil.

massaman curry (v)

Contains Nuts


mussaman nuar

Fragrant & relatively mild yellow curry with silk road spices, firm tofu, potatoes & cashew nuts. A real crowdpleaser.

green curry (v)


gaeng kiaw wan

Thailand’s best-loved curry is a bestseller at Rosa’s too. Mixed vegetables, tofu, aubergine, bamboo shoots & basil in a creamy green curry sauce.

panang curry (v)


gaeng panang

Fried tofu laced with a thick red curry sauce, with a hint of lime leaves. Perfect with jasmine rice.

butternut & cashew (v)

Contains Nuts


pad fukthong metmamuang

Inspired by the famous chicken & cahew nuts, sweet butternut stir-fried in mushroom-based sauce with cashews, spring onion, mushrooms & dried roasted chillies.

basil sauce fried rice


kao pad kra prow

It’s a match made in heaven of holy basil stir-fry sauce with fragrant brown rice. Cooked in a hot wok with spring greens, eggs, cherry tomatoes & onions.

chilli & basil stir fry (v)


pad kra prow

A spicy & fragrant Thai favourite with holy basil sauce, onions, long beans & fried tofu. Eat like a Thai, order with jasmine rice & a runny fried egg.

stir fried aubergine


pad makhuer

A Rosa’s favourite. Deep-fried in eggs & potato flour, then stir-fried with yellow bean sauce, chilli, soy sauce & basil leaves.

southern stir-fried minced tofu & peas (v)


kua kling

This typical herbal stir-fried dish is found throughout the Southen provinces of Thailand. Our meat-free version is one of the spiciest dishes on the menu. We think it’s going to make your ears pop (in a good way).


steamed jasmine rice


steamed brown rice


steamed sticky rice


with coconut milk



Peanut sauce, Sweet chilli sauce, Fresh chillies, Fried egg

rice crackers (v)

Contains Nuts


With peanut Rosa’s dipping sauce.

V = Vegan